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What's Yoni Steaming About ?

Your vagina goes through so much. Periods, sex, childbirth, etc. In between this your body needs efficient cleaning + disinfecting. Vaginal steaming or Yoni steaming is an ancient remedy to cleanse and disinfect the vagina and cleanse the uterus.

 Although there is not much scientific evidence to reinforce the benefits of Yoni steaming from modern medicine standards, some of the herbs used in the process do have medical significance. Moxibustion, an herb used for yoni steaming has been employed to treat many reproductive problems for a very long time.

This ancient practice is thought to have originated from many indigenous cultures from Africa, Asia, and central America. Although this ancient method has been practiced worldwide for centuries, it is only recently that it gained viral popularity.

It is true that the acidic pH of your vagina helps to kill any bacteria and thus, is self-cleansing. However, there are some claims that the herb-infused water can help to soothe your muscles "down there".

 In any case, don't attempt to steam your vagina if you are pregnant, menstruating, or if there are any open sores on your vagina. Although the best idea is to visit a skilled practitioner, you can also steam your yoni at home. But beware, the hot water needs very, very careful handling.

However, no matter if you prefer to do it at home, or visit a fancy spa, yoni steaming can offer you a variety of benefits. 

Vaginal or Yoni steaming can offer you the following potential benefits:

  • cleanse vagina as well as uterus
  • relieve stress and depression.
  • improve fertility + restore hormonal balance.
  • good for digestive issues + can help alleviate constipation.
  • treats headaches + fatigue
In conclusion, there isn't much scientific evidence to suggest the effectiveness of Yoni steaming, it is still a very popular remedy. If nothing else, it is an excellent method for de-stressing and relaxing!