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Toxic Relationships

It’s hard to figure out if you are in a toxic relationship. For one thing, you don't learn about these things in school. Plus, people generally in toxic relationships are so deeply involved, they can't think objectively.

Contrary to popular view, it is not just the women who experience this. Men aren't immune to toxic relationships either.

Expecting your partner to fix you

This is one sign of a toxic relationship. If you feel that your partner was not sympathetic enough during a bad day and you built up resentment because of this, things have to change. There is a difference between being supportive and being emotionally obligated.

The way to fix this is through communication. The main thing is to ask. Tell your partner to show up for you and ask how you are feeling. At the same time, you should not rely or depend on them. Take responsibility for your emotions without depending on other people to make you happy or solve your personal needs and desires. Happiness should never be in the hands of someone else.

Thinking your partner is your second-half

This is another toxic trait that people must get rid of. Sure, it might sound cute to say, “you make me whole,” but it’s very toxic to think this way. No one needs someone else to live a full-filled life or complete them. This thinking leads to codependency, insecurity, and  controlling behavior.

Instead, you should look at your partner as someone who adds to your life. Focus on yourself more than your relationship and truly understand what makes you happy.

We each have our own passions and purposes on Earth. Far too often we see people unable to identify themselves or worth without validation or attention of an outside party. We also tend o bend who we are to accommodate room for a partner. But who are you really when nobody's around? 

Once you know that, you can then share it with your partner.

 Communication is key. Simply tell your significant other what you want instead of playing mind games.

Last thoughts

It definitely takes some work, but you can and should move out of toxic relationships into a more full-filling roll of yourself..