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Toxic Foods That Cause Infertility

According to research conducted by Harvard University, a poor diet has been found to have a large negative impact on fertility.

This doesn't only apply to women. In men, a good diet improves semen quality.

Processed Food

Processed meat like bacon, hotdogs, and salami should be avoided. Processed foods have a higher hormonal residue as compared to unprocessed meat. This affects the level of sperm production in males and can affect female hormones as well.


Caffeine hinders fertility and can even increase the chances of a miscarriage. If you drink coffee, you should limit it to 2 cups per day. Anything beyond that can make it difficult to conceive.

Inflammatory foods

Chronic inflammation can cause the body to suppress ovulation. Since this is the time when a woman is more likely to get pregnant, she should focus on eliminating this from her diet. Foods such as gluten and dairy can have endocrine-disrupting pesticides and antibiotic residue which can mess up your fertility.

Excessive sugar

If you enjoy cookies or ice-cream, you should cut it down. Large doses of sugar are not good for fertility, especially if you are suffering from diabetes or obesity.

While you should avoid toxic foods, it is just as important to avoid toxic habits that can cause infertility. These are:

Excessive stress

Stress is a part of life; there is no avoiding it. However, if you don’t learn how to manage it properly, it can cause a big problem. Higher stress levels can lead to hormonal imbalances in women and cause the quality of the sperm to drop.


Cigarettes ages the woman's ovaries and deplete her health. Moreover, it is associated with miscarriages. So if you are consuming too many cigarettes, it is time to let go of this toxic habit.

Last words

The food we eat defines our health, so if you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle where you can conceive easily, let go of the toxic foods and habits and consume organic, real food and herbs that boost fertility and helath.