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The Reason You Don't Know You Have Parasites


Contrary to popular belief, parasites are present everywhere. There could be a hundred parasites living on your face as you are reading this.  

Parasites are organisms that feed on the body. Although many types of relationship dynamics exist in the animal kingdom, parasitism is by far, the most dangerous. This is because the parasite feeds at the expense of its host and causes it damage and illness. 

Parasites are present in the air, water, and even inside our gut. Yes, it turns out hydrochloric acid cannot kill every organism. There are some very stubborn, parasites that not only survive but thrive in acidic conditions. Parasites can be microscopic, but reproduce at an alarming rate. Therefore, it can be a while before they are detected by our body's immune system. Every year parasitic animals take the lives of over one million people by spreading diseases such as malaria, Trichomoniasis, and Toxoplasmosis. 


How to prevent parasitic infections:

There are many precautions you can take to save yourself from parasitic infections. These include transitioning to a real food diet. Parasites typically come from processed, fried, sweets and junk foods. A seasonal full body detox is recommended for those on a traditional American diet.