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Toxic Foods That Cause Infertility

According to research conducted by Harvard University, a poor diet has been found to have a large negative impact on fertility. This doesn't only apply to women. In men, a good diet improves semen quality. Processed Food Processed meat like bacon, hotdogs, and salami should be avoided. Processed foods have a higher hormonal residue as compared to unprocessed meat. This affects the level of sperm production in males and can affect female hormones as well. Coffee Caffeine hinders fertility and can even increase the chances of a miscarriage. If you drink coffee, you should limit it to 2 cups per day. Anything beyond that can make it difficult to conceive. Inflammatory foods Chronic inflammation can cause the body to suppress ovulation....

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Non-Toxic Thought Patterns

The power of non-toxic thinking is probably something you have heard already.  The idea is not new. However, you should know that non-toxic thinking can change your life. It will allow you to achieve all internal and external goals. Not only that, it might even prolong your life. Again, it might seem impossible, but the facts speak for themselves. Studies on the power of non-toxic thinking A study revealed that there was a significant association between stress and the immune system. Stress could negatively impact the immune system, which can cause physical problems such as heart diseases. How to use non-toxic thinking to get the life you want If you were to get rid of all the toxic thinking, your body...

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The Reason You Don't Know You Have Parasites

  Contrary to popular belief, parasites are present everywhere. There could be a hundred parasites living on your face as you are reading this.   Parasites are organisms that feed on the body. Although many types of relationship dynamics exist in the animal kingdom, parasitism is by far, the most dangerous. This is because the parasite feeds at the expense of its host and causes it damage and illness.  Parasites are present in the air, water, and even inside our gut. Yes, it turns out hydrochloric acid cannot kill every organism. There are some very stubborn, parasites that not only survive but thrive in acidic conditions. Parasites can be microscopic, but reproduce at an alarming rate. Therefore, it can be a...

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What's Yoni Steaming About ?

Your vagina goes through so much. Periods, sex, childbirth, etc. In between this your body needs efficient cleaning + disinfecting. Vaginal steaming or Yoni steaming is an ancient remedy to cleanse and disinfect the vagina and cleanse the uterus.  Although there is not much scientific evidence to reinforce the benefits of Yoni steaming from modern medicine standards, some of the herbs used in the process do have medical significance. Moxibustion, an herb used for yoni steaming has been employed to treat many reproductive problems for a very long time. This ancient practice is thought to have originated from many indigenous cultures from Africa, Asia, and central America. Although this ancient method has been practiced worldwide for centuries, it is only recently that it...

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Toxic Spending Habits

If you are single, you are probably only harming yourself (and future kids) if you have toxic spending habits. However, the bigger problem comes up when you have a family. According to, 72% of US households don't have a financial plan. It gets worse. 69% of the Americans have less than $1000 in savings and another 34% have absolutely no money saved at all.  You overspend You can get into the habit of spending money on small things like eating out or getting daily coffee. With this habit, you can burn through your income very quickly. It might seem like a couple of extra bucks here and there, but when you add it up, the sum turns into a huge...

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